Wind Breathing (の Kaze no Kokyū?) is one of the five Breathing Styles derived directly from the Sun Breathing.

The Breathing Style was originally developed & taught by Yoriichi Tsugikuni to an unknown student, who could not master the Sun Breathing and was instead trained in a specific alternative breathing style to better suit his student's specific strengths and weaknesses eventually becoming an independent breathing all together.


First Move

Whirlwind: Swiftly dashes forward dealing damage to all enemies passed. Similar to Thunder Clap but isn't in an instant and doesn't have preparation time.

Second Move

Claws-Purifying Wind: Slashes diagonally causing to damage to all enemies in front of the user (Deals more damage if enemy using block). This also creates wind trails on your katana.

Third Move

Clean Storm Wind Tree: Spins around slowly creating a tornado-like AoE (Area of Effect). This rapidly damages players near you. This also creates many wind particles around you.

Fourth Move

Rising Dust Storm: Summon a consecutive wind slash around yourself

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