There are multiple NPC around the vast world of wisteria (Finish paragraph)

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== Trainers

There are multiple breathing trainers scattered around the map.

Flaming Trainer (Rengoku Kyojuro) is located in Rengoku Town beside Wisteria Trees (Take a right from the spawn village and follow the path. Continue until you get to the bridge near the waterfall. You'll see the house.)

Moon Trainer (Tamashi Tsugikuni) is located at the Demon Slayer Headquarters.

Wind Trainer (Sanemi Shinazugawa) is located at the snowy forest cabin in the mountains.

Beast Trainer (Inosuke Hashibira) is located near the tree near the field.

Thunder Trainer (Zenitsu Agatsuma) is to the left of the spawn village past some rocks ( a lot of demons spawn there so its advised not to go at night)

Love Trainer (Mitsuri Kanroji) is in the right of the spawn shack and if you keep going forward you will eventually see a cabin in a corner to the right. Go in it and you'll see the Trainer. so keep trying to find her

Mist Trainer (Muichiro Tokito) is near the field behind a tree

Sound Trainer (Tengen Uzui) is by the blacksmith

Serpent Trainer (Obanai Iguro) is in the same shack as Mitsuri is

Other NPC[edit | edit source]

Blacksmith (Haganezuka)[edit | edit source]

Find him near the waterfall and butterfly mansion

Human[edit | edit source]

Civilian Npcs spawn in every village. They can be killed for sin and meat if you are a demon.

Slayers[edit | edit source]

Npc slayers have now been added to the game. They can be found in every village (unless they're killed. They'll have to respawn for you to see them.) and will attack any demon near them, npc demons or player demons. These slayers will give meat but not any sin. Welcome Tip depending on the slayer sword color is what breath it has red-flame blue-water etc.


Demons are humanoids species that have a lot of spawns in the map except training zone and near wisteria, they only spawn at night and dies at the morning, they are giving Contribution and u need to kill a certain amount of them to rank up. Demons will also spawn in caves. Only three caves are in the game as of right now and are near the three main villages (Rengoku village, starter village, and snow village.)

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