Mist Breathing[edit | edit source]

The breath trainer is located near the farm and Rengoku Village, somewhere in the right corner hidden among the trees. (It may be hidden if you don't pay attention to the trees.) All you need to do is go behind the small house near the beginning of the farm near the Rengoku Village and keep walking forward. Then, right before the river, you will see a large tree if your in the correct place. Standing in front of it is Muichiro Tokito, the Mist Breathing Trainer.

Shifting flow Slash

1st move Shifting Flow Slash

This move is similar to Thunderclap and Flash, but instead it does not have a slight pause before executing the move and is also shorter in dashing length. You dash through your opponent with a light blue fog colored aura.

2nd move Distant haze

Distant Haze

Using this ability, the user does a step-back and then thrusts forward, sending a spiral sort of mist shape to your enemy. (This move can also be used as a combo after Shifting Flow Slash, I use it often.)

Last move

3rd move Eight layered Mist

Using this ability will do a fast 8 consecutives slash around the user dealing a heavy amount of damage.

Fun fact, the first second and third move all auto execute. Sadly, Mist doesn't have a fourth form, and we don't know if there's a set release date, but there probably will be one in the future.

I also can't upload the 2nd move here click the link! File:Distant Haze.gif

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