Hybrids are Slayers that were turned into a demon, making them a Hybrid instead of a complete Demon.

Hybrids still keep their stuff (Nichirin Blade (NOT RED NICHIRIN BUFF), Slayer Mark, Breathing Technique, etc.) along with Demon passives (faster regen).

Hybrid cant change breathing style. However when 5th moves are added they will be able to get them for a few days.

Requirements for Hybrid.[edit | edit source]

First step only max rank needed not stats

Second Step: When you have max stats, you'll need to kill civilians until you get 2,500 Sin (250 civilians). After reaching 2,500 Sin, kill another civilian and a prompt that says "Would you like to attempt to become a Hybrid?" will show up. Accept the prompt by clicking "Yes".

After that, you're going to fight with Kokushibou (Uppermoon One).

If the boss kills you, you’ll need to wait 3 days (irl) to fight the boss again.

If you don't get hybrid after beating the boss, you’ll need to wait 3 days to fight the boss again.

There is chance of 1/8 chances to get hybrid if you successfully kill the boss.

Visual Changes:

Some breathing techniques will come with different color other than its original one. For example, Water is red, Thunder is black, Mist is purple, etc. (More info on the Trello)

Your character will have a changed skin with horns.

Breathing bar is red instead of blue. (Hold 'E' to expand breathing)

Statistical and Gameplay Changes:
Hybrids cannot use Red Nichirins, however, they do get a passive damage boost. This means that Kamado hybrids cannot use sun breath.

Hybrids have a boosted walk speed.

Hybrids have a slayer mark.

Hybrids take damage from the sun as usual (unless if they're in the Kamado clan).

Hybrid's blood demon art is their Breathing Style.


Only Thunder color change is canon, meaning the other ones aren't. (The color of the thunder breathing changes color for now)

It is recommended to max out before becoming a Hybrid, as Hybrids cannot progress throughout the game. (This means you cannot max out your stats)

Kamado Hybrids will not spawn in the Infinity Fortress, but rather spawn in the Spawn Town.

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