Fat Sin Requirements: 50-100

Sin 500: You will mutate and get more health.

Sin 650: Claw attack -The user will slash the enemy with claws twice one after the other. (This is a good combo extender, this move also executes)-

Sin 1000: Muzan will say: 'Your abilities keep improving, keep going.’

Sin 1250: Leap attack -You leap off the ground with your legs and arms simultaneously launching you forward (Mostly a mobility move, this does little damage and also executes)-

Sin 2000: Muzan will say 'Looks like we'll have a new lower moon soon'

Sin 2500: You go back to fortress and become a Lower Moon. From there, you are allowed to sell 100 contribution for 2 Muzan Blood.

Muzan Blood:

200 Muzan Blood & 2500 sin: Unlock demon art. 1/4 chance Blood Explosion | 1/4 chance Ice Demon Art | 1/4 chance Perfume | 1/4 chance Shockwave Manipulation | Codes or ROBUX can be used to reroll your demon art. The efficiency of the demon arts depends on the user, so a “best” is not a choice.

300 Muzan Blood: Dash gets replaced with flash step, so instead of dashing you will teleport.

400 Muzan Blood: Huge Speed buff, 55% more HP, and second demon art spell.

600 Muzan Blood: Unlock ability: 'See through world'. See through world allows you to see players through walls. This ability also tells you if they are a demon or a human, and shows you their health bar. You also unlock your third demon art spell.

Information for Demons:

  • 10 Sin and 0.4 Muzan Blood per Civilian NPC kill. Killing players gives meat only, unless you have a quest from Muzan to kill a certain person. If that is the case, you will get 1 meat and 100 contribution for killing that person.
  • Sell contribution at sin 2500. 100 contributions for 2 blood.
  • Killing non demon NPCs and players gives meat. Meat gives the same amount of food as ramen.
  • To find your meat press ~ to open your inventory and drag it to your hotbar if it isn't there already.
  • Once you have 500 Muzan blood you must kill trainers to get the max Muzan Blood. You cannot fight the same trainer, and each trainer kill gives 20 Muzan Blood.
  • If you type 'Muz' or 'Muza' on your chat bar without pressing enter, your screen will shake, and you hear a heartbeat sound, until you backspace what you typed or press enter. If you type 'Muzan' on the chat bar without pressing enter, Muzan will punish you for attempting to say his name. If you actually say 'Muzan' on chat, Muzan will kill you.
  • There are Demon Slayer NPCs that spawn around villages. If you kill one as a demon, it will give you over 200 contribution and 1 meat. Right now, these NPCs are very weak and most starter demons can beat them easily. It is recommended to farm these after you reach 2500 sin.
  • Once 500 Muzan Blood is reached Muzan will no longer accept contribution and instead, demons have to fight breathing trainers for 20 Muzan Blood. Currently, the only trainers demons can fight are, the Flame, Water, Wind, Thunder, and Moon trainers.


Lower moon 6: 2500

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