Clans are a feature in Wisteria, each giving different buffs (excluding common clans, as every common clan give the same amount)

Note that everyone is born with a common clan. Rare and Ultra Rares can be only obtained by redeeming Clan codes or purchasing Clan rerolls

All stats are % increased, I'll be using flat numbers to save time though, but the % only adds a flat bonus that does NOT multiply with breath, or any other buffs. I put % after the movement speed buffs purely for clarity. movement speed is treated as more important than other stats, and therefore an increase in it means a lower overall increase. agility is treated as a lesser stat and therefore given more of unless combined with strength or walkspeed 20% increase cap per clan, the clans mainly reallocate stats for more diversity in breath utilization. (taken from the discord)

If you don't see your clan here it is probably a common clan

| Strength = Damage | Wisdom = Blocking | Vitality = Health |

Common Clans (+5% bonus in every stat except Walkspeed)

Rare Clans:









Hashibira (Mixed type)

+7 Strength

+7 Vitality

+3 Agility

+Forced black hair with blue shader

Himejima (Vitality type)

+20 Vitality

+Forced white eye color

+World is black and white (not implemented)

+Increased zoom distance (not implemented)

Iguro (Speed type)

+100 Agility

+50% Walkspeed

+Dash cooldown is reduced by 30%, but dash distance is lowered by 10%

Kanroji (Strength type)

-11 Agility

+24 Strength

+green and red hair color

Kocho (Speed type)

+15 Agility

+2% Walkspeed

+Forced red hair with purple shader

Rengoku (Mixed type)

+15 Strength

+4% Walkspeed

+6 Wisdom

+Forced red hair with green shader

+ Custom Sword Idle Animation

Shinazugawa (Vitality/Strength type)

+10 Strength

+10 Vitality

+Scar cosmetics on the face

Tokito (Technique type)

+10 Skill Damage

+Black forced hair, light blue shader

Tomioka (Wisdom type)

+20 Wisdom

Uzui (Technique type)

+5% Walkspeed

+Tree jumping

+Double jump

+Torn shirt cosmetic

Agastuma (Technique type)

+35% First form damage

+10% First form cooldown

+Yellow forced hair with dark yellow shader

Ultra Rares:

Kamado (Technique type)

+20 Vitality

+Hinokami Kagura (Breath of the Sun)

+black Nichirin Blade is easier to get

+Forced dark purple hair with dark red shader

+Slayer Mark cosmetic

+(Demon/Hybrid only) Sunlight immunity/Conqueror of the Sun

Tsugikuni (Technique type)

+10 Vitality

+10 Wisdom

+Can learn Moon Breathing

+STW is easier to obtain, chance to get it instantly

+Forced black hair with dark red shader


Canonically in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Tsugikuni and Kamado are the most unique bloodlines

Majority of the Rare Clans are the members of the 9 Pillars

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